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1942 S. Stewart

Springfield, Mo. 65804

© Lifebuilders Ministries, Inc. 2019 501 C 3 Non Profit


Year-round Special Events

     o Valentine banquets, Easter Egg Hunts, Summer Block Parties, VBS

     o Back to School Bash, Halloween Parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations

     o Movie nights, field trips, sports activities, game nights, etc.



     o Rent, utilities, food, clothing, furniture, phone, gasoline assistance

     o Crisis travel funding and moving assistance

     o Probono car repair for single moms

     o Dentists and vision clinic providing limited pro bono dental and vision care for all ages

     o Wedding and funeral Officiate services

     o In-Depth & Informal Mentoring

     o Taking whatever time necessary to get to know a person or family well enough to provide and/or point them to                                resources necessary to effect overall positive life change

More Formal Mentoring and Education

     o Hope for the Heart Curriculum, Dallas Tx.Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Depression,Anger,Fear,Codependence,

     o  Critical Spirit,  Communication, Parenting, Decision Making, Procrastination, Rejection, Stress Management, and more

Resident safety intervention

     o Choosing appropriate associations, avoidance of date rape, etc.

     o Guidance and support for child abuse/molestation situation

     o Breaking co-dependent relationships, especially with persons convicted of criminal behavior

     o Mentoring children of fathers in prison

Conflict Mediation Counseling

     o Conflict resolution for issues between residents, such as racial tensions, juvenile issues, and suspicions of wrong doing

     o Homecare Intervention-Guidance and support to implement structure and accountability in proper housekeeping standards pursuant to H.A.S. policies in order to prevent evictions for violations that have occurred

     o Life Skills Classes

          o Parenting

          o Budgeting

          o Cooking with Savings

          o Conflict Resolution


"Heal the broken hearted and set the captive free." Luke 4:18