Release her tongue

Names and locations have been changed to protect the people and places. Events are true and accurate."

It’s November, within the last 4 years.

The Lord asks me to teach on the whole book of John. Three months before it was time, I tried, but was not sensing the Holy Spirit leading. Finally the day came and the Sprit was lifting up Jesus to glorify the Father in the teaching. A year passes by in to teaching and we finally had reached John 14; I know it took a while!

This night in particular, was going to change our life, as a family, with our God.

Please let me set the scene. Small room with less than 15 people, the whole night the Holy Spirit was moving on the Word of God that was being taught. I sense something fantastic happening, just like the weeks before, when the Lord would wake me up with a Word, Scripture, or song. My normal routine was to teach the whole chapter and allow the Holy Spirit to choose what scriptures to teach in that Chapter.

I was teaching that Jesus is the Messiah and He is the way, the truth and life for everything you need. Including healing, depression, hopelessness, drugs, demonic activity, etc....

I was forced to stop teaching because a woman (Let’s say her name is Linda) in the room got really loud and angry. She said "how come Christians hadn't told me this! All these years the Christians kept telling me that Doctors, psychiatrists, phycologists, medication, was my answer!" Linda was angry and hitting the table, her face was red. After a long pause, I said" as a Christian, I apologize that we didn't tell you the right way to be free. I am sorry and apologize for those who didn't point you to the cross. I can only do it now." She needed to free from something and its ugly head hadn't revealed itself yet. The night went on and Linda was uncomfortable, even to the point she wanted to leave, from what she told us later.

I finished the teaching and we prayed together. The Holy Spirit poured out the Love of the father in the room and then it escalated. Suddenly a woman next to me starts crying talking about an sexual abuse that a family member had hurt her, as a child, for many years. As she couldn't stop crying and talking, the woman that was angry about Christians was walking around the room in the back, talking not caring that no-one was listening.

At that moment my wife walks through the door and sees something happening in the room. She said to herself, "what in the world is going on" Linda at the back is just talking, and the women next to me was getting louder and crying harder. Right then: Linda looks at my wife and says "I am possessed", her words, not ours. She proceeded to tell my wife the story behind her possession. I was 12 years old and I was in my bedroom with my brother, we were sleeping. I wake up to a dark figure was coming towards my brother. I rolled over my him and said, “you can’t have him, take me. Linda said right then it entered into her body and she knew something happened. My wife wasn't sure what to say or do but Linda needed to be free. at the back table. They both sit down at the back table together.

As Linda sat there explaining more, her face kept getting pale, coughing and almost throwing up. Then she started hitting her head on the table softly. At that point, I looked back and seen what was going on, and my wife and I made Eye contact. That one glance was enough to reassure each other, that we knew what was happening. I looked around the room and then gave a nod of my head, like we are not going to do this hear and now. We had Christians in the room that I thought it would be unwise to do that. I reflect back now and wondering if that was the right decision. Anyway, the previous night, and on the way that night, to this House. My wife kept saying" She has something important that next day and we needed to leave on time or early". As I was trying to honor her wishes, we finished up the night, my wife, daughter and myself with Linda and escorted her to her home.

I look back now and see how selfish that was of me, to try and leave, without Linda being set free. As my wife, daughter and I are pulling away out the driveway. Now here is where we have to reveal the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, that my wife and I have a gift, which the Lord has given us. God wanted nothing to do with us leaving Linda's property. God gave me an image in my head that the back tires were still on the property when the baptism of the Holy Spirit starting speaking in the car, through my wife. My daughter starting sobbing and telling me, "if we don't turn around, Linda is going to die”. I pulled over off the residence and my family was being moved by the Spirit of the Lord. I started driving even further thinking still in my head, I need to honor my wife wishes. Crazy right!

Went down about 10 blocks and my daughter said “if we don't go back, she is going to die. I am going to get out of this car now, if you don’t stop". Finally I drove back and we went into Linda's house.

Here’s my favorite part of the Love of Jesus, for those who need to be free.

We went into the house and sit down and she proceeded to tell us how, when, where, and why she had gotten “possessed”. As she was talking to us she kept going pale, and almost throwing up. My daughter went to get a trash can and she was still crying and seeing the hurt on Linda. It came to the time when I looked at Linda and said, "Do you want to be free? The bible says, in Romans 10; 13 all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. The bible also says in Romans 10:9, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead, you shall be saved! Do you want to do that?" She said yes, but a war had been raging in here to keep from her doing this, and it was visible. My daughter is weeping, my wife is praying and I am talking with Linda. She couldn't say any of those scriptures. Finally I asked her to just say Jesus is Lord. My wife got up and walked over and put her hand on Linda’s head and prayed. Linda was saying Christ but not Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord told me to say "release her tongue and needs to say Jesus and not Christ’" About thirty seconds later she looked up from her head positioned above the trashcan. Linda looks at me and says" I can't, It’s got hold of my tongue". I said" I know! That's why the Lord reveled it to me". Finally, I said "Just say Jesus, Just say Jesus". Linda was fighting for her life and freedom.

Over 40 years of possession had come to this moment. With three believers sitting in a room with a possessed woman, not having a clue how to do this, but knowing our God delivers saves, rescues and leads. If you would have ask us 24 hours earlier that something like this was going to happen today? No way! But here we are, and Linda so badly wants to say the name of Jesus. She finally was able to get the syllables of "JE" Her face look like it started to glow, her color came back, the room shifted and as the good Christian solder that I was trying to be. Walked her through prayer and had her say "Jesus is Lord like 5 times" She finally looks at me and says" I get it" She was free and worn out from the fight of her life. We left there knowing Jesus had set her free allowing three people to be humbled by His grace. There is much more of this testimony of Jesus that I could write about, but that's enough for now.

The Kingdom of God is not word, but power. 1 Corinthians 4:20

Grace and peace to you my brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ

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