Lifebuilders response to Pandemic

LifeBuilders have been recognized by our local government as being an essential support ministry to those in need in our local community. We are making comprehensive plans to execute our "call to action" to help. 

Please note we have included a "chat" tool on our website to help you contact one of our staff if you need any assistance at all during these troubling times we are currently living in, especially since there are mandatory lock downs starting to be implemented. Please respond by using the chat tool, calling (417-873-9572) or emailing ( You can also request us to contact you by filling out the below form. We will respond as quickly as possible. We will respond to everyone, so please be patient as we handle the high volume of response we are receiving. 

Please click on the links above to get last minute updates concerning this virus and current outlined details as dictated from our local, state and federal governments. 

New Food Delivery Program!

Lifebuilders is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Crosslines and Grand Oak Mission to bring food to ALL residents of Housing Authority Properties and Nu Elm Apartments!

Needed information on the food process for residents

Grand Oak Missions :                                                                                                                                   

This is going to extend to HAS Housing residents and NuElm residents who do not have a vehicle and or home bound

Grand Oaks Mission

Hours of operation: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00am-11:30am and 1:00pm-3:00pm

  1. For those who have a working vehicle or a bus pass they are able to utilize Grand Oaks and pick up food during their business hours.

  2. With the help of the CRA’s have the residents fill out the form attached and once there are done, call Lifebuilders Ministries Food Coordinator: Ralph wright @ 417-812-5730.

  3. The LBM volunteer will come by and pick all the completed applications and take to Grand Oaks and then go through the delivery process. The volunteer will have a LBM badge visible.

  4. We will need a constant contact with the CRA and or the resident during food process.

  5. Limitations:  A local resident can only receive one time a month from Grand Oaks.


This is for all residents, no matter the vehicle or living situation. All food will be picked up by a Lifebuilders volunteer and dropped off at the resident’s door. (Using CDC guidelines protocol)

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 1:45 pm.

  1. When a resident is in need of food, they will need to go to

  2. Fill out the application for the food voucher (using this link

  3. Or you can also call Crosslines at 417-869-0563 directly during normal business hours to place an order, but with a limited number of phone lines, it may take some time to get to an operator.

  4. In the form comments section please include “ Lifebuilders Ministries” or LBM will deliver

  5. Lifebuilders will be delivering to the door of the HAS resident on the scheduled day and time.

Corona Virus Support
*Qualifications to request support is that you live on the following sites in Springfield
Glenwood, Villa Marie, Madison Tower, Nu Elm, South Tower and Bolivar Road
Prayer/Counseling Disclaimer:
Be it resolved, that all prayer/counseling from LifeBuilders is to be Biblically based rather than psychologically based.  Our counseling/advisement/help reflects our Biblical training and is therefore aimed at spiritual issues and suggests spiritual solutions.
Our counselors are not professionals, if your issue is above that scope; please seek professional or medical advice.
By engaging in prayer/counseling with a LifeBuilders counselor, you are waiving your rights to hold LifeBuilders responsible for any and all perceived damage or harm from said counseling. 
We are always here for you if you want prayer or just someone to listen. 

Thanks for submitting!